The Challenge

Trees in forests and urban areas are under attack at an unprecedented rate from diseases and pests.
Changing climates, global trade, and forest fragmentation are accelerating pest devastation.

We must stop losing the battle against destructive forest pests.
Forest.Health is fighting back to save our trees.

Pest Devastation

In North America all 14 types of ash species are vulnerable to the emerald ash borer. Conifer stands in the west are vulnerable from both non-native and native pests and diseases, and the fight is on to save the Eastern Hemlock of the Southern Appalachians.


Killing Fires

The dead trees left in these pests’ wake are contributing to larger-scale forest fires.


Accelerating from Success

Forest.Health addresses the most critical forest health threats in a responsive, rapid, and coordinated way. It is a structured process that has core aspects of being responsive to threats, collaborative in approach, working across multiple sectors, and providing a coordinated voice for anyone who cares about the health of our forests.

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Management Information

Transparency and efficiency is critical to the success of Forest.Health. Organizational documents are linked below.

Partners of Healthy Forests

Forest.Health is made possible by the following organizations and concerned citizens.

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